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150 Watt Titanium Plus Series Power Inverter

Model STP-150

Sima's 150 watt Titanium Plus Series power inverter converts any 12 volt DC source to 115 VAC

The new, compact STP-150 provides 150 watts of AC power to give you the current to run anything from a cell phone charger to a small TV; including work lights, laptops, fax machines and more.

Designed for recreational use, they are ideal for use with small consumer electronics such as laptops, PDAs or DVD players and emergency power. Sima Titanium Plus Series power inverters are equipped with low battery alarms and shutdowns to protect your battery from complete discharge. Automatic thermal protection prevents overheating from overloads or inadequate ventilation. Two AC outlets are grounded and short circuit protected. The STP-150 comes with a cigarette lighter adapter for easy installation.

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3-year limited consumer warranty
Two short-circuit protected AC outlets
Mounting feet for easy installation in any vehicle

Smooth Start Technology
Some appliances, like TVs, require a high power demand on start-up. Sima STP power inverters are equipped with Smooth Start Technology to smoothly bring up the AC power. This circuitry also activates under excessive loads, even short circuits, to quickly turn off power to protect the device and the inverter. The STP inverter then automatically attempts to smoothly bring up the AC power.

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User Manual [PDF 165.24KB]

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